Dixequip Inc
The Piggyback Specialist
The Donkey stands tall when measured against the competition. Compared to the Eagle Pitcher, Manitex, Moffett, Mounty, Navigator, Noble, Piggyback, Princeton, and Spyder the Donkey's weight to lift capacity is supreme. This gives you the opportunity to carry more payload.

The DONKEY forklift has been designed to have the lowest operating cost and highest reliability in its class. This has been achieved by the simplicity and efficiency of overall design, as evidenced by the power shift transmission with torque converter, which drives through totally enclosed, oil bathed final drive units.

Ease of operation & operator safety and comfort is the highest priority in the development of the DONKEY.

Call Terry Gibson....281-221-5666 or John Dixon....832-654-8030
Call Terry....281-221-5666 or John....832-654-8030